Hatching A Nurchums Hatch Egg

The Nurchums Hatch Egg is a delightful novelty toy that is trending in popularity. It is available in many different forms such as owls, elves, unicorns, mermaids, fairies and dinosaurs. These are all favorites that most kids will love to keep and grow.

How do you make it grow and hatch into a beautiful little pet that your child will learn to love? Cover the egg completely in a bowl of water that is a minimum of 35 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t have to be a special type of water. Using water straight out of the tap is perfectly fine. Make sure that the egg remains on the bottle of the bowl and cannot rise to the top.

Within about 3 days, the egg should crack, and your child’s pet will emerge. Don’t panic if it takes a little longer. This means that it is still growing inside and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when it finally hatches.