Healthy Food Options For You

Nutritionists and weight watchers always tell us that too much food is bad for the health. These experts tell us to watch the calories, sugar and fat content in anything we eat. However, this is just one side of the story. Eating well is great for your health because you need the proper nutrients to function effectively. The point is that you have to find a way to balance your calorie needs with your body mass index and your nutrition needs. You should eat well but do not overindulge. Look at the Texas Roadhouse Menu and you will find great options that combine excellent taste, nutrition and good health. Below are some of the best options for you if you want to enjoy good health and eat good food at the same time.

The Good Morning Breakfast

This breakfast includes two scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, fruits, turkey sausage and cheese grits. You can add the low-fat vanilla yoghurt topped with dried fruits and you have a truly healthy and nourishing breakfast. Another great option is apple and cinnamon oatmeal blended with raisins, apples or dried cranberries. This goes very well with low-fat milk or vanilla-flavored yoghurt.

Healthy Lunch and Dinner Options

Lunch is a very important meal so you need a meal that combines calories with good taste and nutrients. We can start with grilled chicken and fresh vegetable salad. This comes with devilled eggs and dressing but you can add toast bread or biscuits if you like. To cut calories, you might go for turkey bacon instead of traditional bacon because the former has lower calories. Add the no-sugar syrup and the sugar-free apple pie and you have the perfect lunch.

If you are a light eater, you can try the fried chicken breast with a small salad or a serving of broccoli. This meal contains about 340 calories so it is great for weight watchers. Another great option is the southern trout (two southern trout filets) served with a rich vegetable salad. To make the salad healthier, you should use avocados instead of salad cream. You can also go for the pepper-grilled sirloin served with brown rice or steamed broccoli.

Other Great Options:

Fried pickles
Steak burger with cheese
Onion rings
Chicago style hotdog
Grilled BBQ chicken
House salad
Choice Sirloin
The options above are great for you but the last three will put a smile on your face.

Grilled BBQ Chicken

This delicacy is a marinated breast soaked in barbecue sauce. You can settle for the half breast if you are not very hungry and blend it a side dish. You can even go for both breasts and add a bit of fruit for best results.

House Salad

This is the ultimate health food. It includes fresh greens, tomato, croutons, cheddar cheese and eggs. Add dressings and you get the perfect salad.

Choice Sirloin

This is a great option for people who love steak. Load it up with toppings and enjoy a treat.

Final Word

Good food is just right for you. It keeps you healthy, nourishes you and improves your mood when you are feeling low. Eat well and you will be happy with yourself.

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