Hemp Clothing And Its Benefits

Hemp clothing is very popular right now. It is a fast-growing plant that requires far less water to grow than cotton, so its farming has clear financial benefits to its growers. Most hemp fabrics are blends of hemp and cotton, and some have additional fibers blended in. For additional stretch TENCEL lyocell or Lycra may also be added.

Traditionally, the textile industry contributed to environmental pollution by creating 20% of the wastewater and by adding to the world’s emissions from shipping its products. Because hemp is such a sustainable product it is making a significant difference in the amount of pollution its production produces.

The properties of hemp make it a remarkable fabric and great clothing. Hemp fabric is antimicrobial and UV resistant. These features must be comforting to those with allergies. Adding to that hemp is an extremely ethical fiber, that when weaved into fabric makes an exceptionally durable cloth, resistant to wear and tear.