High Waisted Pole Shorts For Control

Pole dancing has become mainstream, in case you have not already noticed. Pole dancing workouts are popping up all over the place. The popularity of the activity has created a whole new line of athletic wear. This clothing is sexy enough to feel great during class while staying functional enough to keep up. High waisted pole shorts are a perfect example of functional, and sexy, pole dancing wear.

The shorts combine style with a little tummy control. A lot of people think you have to be rail skinny for the fashion. The truth is they add a perfect touch of control to an unruly tummy. Some have enough compression to wear on there own or you can add some control that will be hidden by the high waist.

They look super cute with a crop top or a normal length top. Choose a pair with some detailing or just select plain black, either look will have you winning.

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