How Companies Can Thrive With Real Time Replication Into Greenplum

As a business owner, you probably create and store a lot of valuable information over the course of your normal business day. As new financial transactions are logged, you gain an ever-increasing ability to recognize important relationships, predict potential problems and chart the rise and fall of customer demand throughout the different changes that your market undergoes. The best way to capitalise on this information is by investing in real time replication into Greenplum. These processes transfer basic transactional information into a system that can generate highly insightful reports.

When the transfer of data occurs in real time, there are no delays to hold up your business. Moreover, you can start making use of transactional information right away. Best of all, solutions like these are often built with cutting-edge safeguards so that data loss is unlikely to occur even when one or both systems are in a state of high use.