How Exploration Drilling In Kalgoorlie Works

Exploration drilling is an exploration technique that aims to identify the location of subsurface mineral deposits. Exploration drilling Kalgoorlie can be done with various exploration rigs, depending on the type of ore deposit being targeted. One exploration rig used for drilling in Kalgoorlie is a rotary drill rig. This machine has an auger at its heart, which drills holes deep into the ground and extracts core samples for analysis back at base camp. There are many other exploration drills available, such as cable tool rigs and diamond-tipped drill rigs.

Why is this important?

The goal of drilling is to find new ore deposits that can be mined and processed for profit. The process begins with the identification of a likely area for exploration. Once a site has been identified, the first step is to survey the land to understand the subsurface geology better. This information is used to plan the route for the drill rig and identify any potential hazards.

Once the drill rig arrives on site, it starts drilling holes into the ground at regular intervals. These holes are then sampled and analyzed back at camp to determine if an ore deposit is present.
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