How Safe Is SharePoint Cloud?

One of the top concerns of Microsoft cloud offerings is data security. Many companies in the US have been cautioned against moving to the cloud due to Patriotic Act, NSA, and other factors. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are top 3 reasons why SharePoint Cloud is very safe:

1. Data Encryption: Microsoft uses BitLocker encryption disks and secures traffic with SSL over HTTP. There are also Information Rights Management options that allow you to encrypt and manage your sensitive data.

2. Backups: Microsoft employ a wide range of redundancy layers and backups in their data centers—more than your IT department can provide.

3. No data mining: Unlike other cloud platforms, Microsoft Office 365 does not share your personal data for advertising purposes.

If you’ve been skeptical about jumping into SharePoint because of security reasons, now you don’t have an excuse. Check SharePoint Cloud pricing for the most suitable plan so that you can begin collaborating with your team members or employees.