How The Shakey’s Menu Triggered A Thousand Copycats

A long, long time ago, in a city far, far away, the Shakey’s menu was born. The original Shakey’s menu consisted mainly of good old cola, classic potato mojos and of course, the thin-crust pizza. Fast-forward to modern times and the instantaneously recognizable menu is still very much a part of the fast-food craze with that Italian flavor.

The conspicuous consumption mentality that was so much a part of the 1970s and 1980s pop culture lives on with a Shakey’s menu that has changed in tune with the times. Who says that you can’t age or change in style? The Shakey’s menu is by far, the best example of aging gracefully without losing your mojo. Even the word mojo itself is a legacy of the potato chips that have been popularized in a number of spy-spoof North American movies.

There’s simply nothing like the French fries that have been masterfully reinvented into an oval and simultaneously crispy and moist format in order to endlessly titillate the palate of both the old and the new generation. Just like that square hamburger patty or the sugar-cane flavored root beer, the distinctively Western Italian cuisine has become just as common as the carnival cotton candy. Only nowadays, less salt is served and definitely, trans fat is avoided in the making of the end product.

Mysteriously, however, the taste and the flavor remain the same like a loop-back from the cassette tape format, the portable video camera and the music that you can take with you anywhere. Are we being alienated from each other by virtue of having headsets that tend to personalize instead of socialize the enjoyment of media? Thank God for the Shakey’s menu, going to a restaurant together with that distinctive old-world ambiance is a solution to throwing away one’s deep sense of history and tradition.

Of course, you can always order almost anything take out these days. However, for special occasions, there’s always that need to gather friends, family and other loved ones together to share a pint or pints of beer and pig out on perfectly fried chicken wings with the desired flavor. This sure beats eating alone–the arena of the bachelor or bachelorette who feels stuck in a world of individuality and ambition.

Just as food has always been shared from the cave to the dinner table, it will forever be such a welcome reflex to return to the restaurant concept of enjoying the refueling of humanity. In space, astronauts must content themselves with taking pills in place of meals. There are meal replacements of all kinds for all the busybodies in the corporate world.

Young or old, poor or rich, the allure of sharing a hearty meal together within the confines of a four-wall environment is a distinctly human tradition that has been going on since the dawn of time. Insulated from the dead of winter, the scent of wild animals or the persistence of flies, the restaurant concept will live on forever as an example as well as a proof of a life well-lived. And that’s why talking on the cellphone or texting while dining will always detract from the overall experience.