How To Cover An Old Tattoo

Sometimes a tattoo you get just doesn’t meet your expectations which can be pretty disappointing especially when you consider that it’s permanent. In other cases an old tattoo just doesn’t look as good as it used to or depicts something that you’re no longer comfortable with. One answer this problem is to get a cover tattoo which essentially means getting a new tattoo that covers the old one.

When you get a tattoo the ink is deposited about a millimetre or two beneath your skin into the epidermis. During the work on the cover-up tattoo this existing ink is not removed, it is incorporated into the ink of the new tattoo and the colours are combined to get a new color which hides the previous tattoo. The extent of the process involved and how much it costs will depend on the new design, the expertise your tattoo artist, and the amount of re-tattooing work required.