How To Enjoy Phuket Diving

When it comes to diving excursions, Phuket diving tops a lot of lists. The combination of warm, clear water and the variety of fish in the seas off Phuket makes for a wonderful dive. The best way to enjoy the dive is through SCUBA diving. Throw in a camera that has been fitted for the water, and you will be able to enjoy the waters and capture every moment for posterity.

While underwater, there are numerous sights for you to enjoy. The variety of sea life is part of that, as well as the natural reefs and caves. If you are lucky you may find a wreck or two, but do remember to be careful; there are some dangers down there but they are easily enough avoided. If you are looking for a weekend getaway with someone special, diving in the seas of Phuket is as close to ideal as you can get.