How To Love Yourself

What does it really mean to love yourself and how do you go about it? Here are some tips for how to love yourself:

• Know Yourself – It’s impossible to love yourself without knowing who you really are – faults and all. Think about your beliefs and values.

• Say ‘No’ – Some people just want to please others but sometimes you need to create boundaries to establish and expect respect from others.

• Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – Everyone is different and they are no better or worse than you. Don’t compare yourself to someone who you think is ‘perfect’ – they probably have more problems than you do.

• Be Present – Ignore the distractions in life and take some time to concentrate on truly knowing, and being, yourself.

• Be Honest With Yourself – The lies we tell ourselves can be the most destructive. It’s not easy sometimes but make a clear-eyed assessment of yourself and take responsibility for who you are.