How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor exercises are used to strengthen the muscles in the pelvis that surround the bladder, backside, vagina and penis. They are done to help people suffering from urinary incontinence, to treat pelvic organ prolapse and can also help people improve sex.

Following are exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor:

• Strengthening your pelvic muscles involves sitting comfortably and squeezing the muscles between 10 and 15 times; do the same you would as if you wanted to stop from urinating or having to go to the toilet.

• You should avoid holding your breath or tightening your stomach, backside or thigh muscles when doing this.

• Once you have become accustomed to the exercise you an improve its effects by holding each squeeze for several seconds before releasing.

• You can add more squeezes as time passes but should be careful not to do too many and rest between sets of squeezes.