How To Wear Elegant Beach Wedding Dresses

There’s nothing more romantic than a beach wedding. But, what’s a bride to wear when she has to worry about sand and sea spray? A long, traditional gown might not be the best option. Instead, opt for something simple, tasteful, and able to weather the elements. There are many elegant beach wedding dresses available for a sun and surf kind of event.

Your wedding dress should be on the shorter side when you’re saying “I do” on the beach. You don’t want to drag a long train through the sand. Find an elegant dress that stops at the ankles or between the knee and the feet. If you’re planning on hot weather, bare your shoulders in a sleeveless dress or something strapless. If it’s winter, make sure you have a sweater or a shawl with your dress. Whatever you wear, a simple and beautiful dress will match the backdrop, and you’ll have a picture-perfect wedding.