Importance Of Laptop Repair North Sydney

ATA interfaces, however, are not only used by hard drives but also CD-ROM and DVD drives. Thus (without additional card) the total number of hard drives plus loadable drives (CD, DVD) are restricted to four (floppy drives have a different interface). CompactFlash cards can be connected via an adapter and used as a hard disk.

Therefore can be connected to both the motherboard up to four hard drives. Older BIOS motherboards only allow you to start the computer from the first ATA interface, and even if the hard drive is jumpered as master, which becomes part of the Laptop Repair North Sydney.

The first drive is jumpered as Master – usually the default setting of drives, possibly only a second device on a cable is jumpered to Slave. Some drives do not have the third option Single Drive. This is used when the drive only depends on the cable, is a slave drive to have to get the first Master jumpered. This option is then to explain often master with slave present.

Where master or slave sit (at the end of the cable or Middle), does not matter (except, both drives are jumpered to Cable Select). Slave only Although mostly works, but is not configured as clean and is often prone to failure. Exception: With the newer 80-pin cables should be connected to the slave in the middle, and the connectors are labeled accordingly.