Installing A Waterproof Shade Sail

A Waterproof Shade Sail can be a great addition to any deck or pool area. These sails come in various sizes and shapes, and some even have solar lights on them. Installing the sail is not that difficult, and all you need is a few tools and some patience.

Here are some simple instructions on how to install a waterproof shade sail.

Mark the holes for clamps on the frame of the top rail of the patio roof frame or railing at 4″ spacing, using a pencil and ruler. Using an electric drill and self-tapping screws, screw through the holes in the clamp into every other hole of every third slate of your patio flooring. It’s best to use an electric drill because it will not go fast with a manual one. With bricks, you can skip every other one, but if you want to use this sail for years, you should be doing it right, so you do not have any issues later on! Next, slide the shade sail on the top of the frame, with the front pointing towards the house. Place the post clamps over all four corners. Place a carriage bolt through each hole in one corner of your shade sail, and match it up to its corresponding clamp hole, being sure that it is pushed into place as far as you can get it. Using a drill or an electric screwdriver, attach by driving screws through holes in each clamp into every other hole of every third slate of patio flooring just like before. That’s It!