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When it comes to health and wellness slow music induces calm and relaxation. It is not the style of music but the tempo that is important. Slow music induces calm and relaxation, thereby alleviating stress. A faster tempo could increase athletic performance as it accelerates breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Alternating fast and slow rhythms interspersed with pauses between music can induce relaxation and aid heart health.

How much water should you drink?

For years, we’ve been told that it’s healthy to drink plenty of water”. But have its beneļ¬ts been exaggerated? Many people carry one everywhere – to work, to the gym, even tucked in your handbag when you go shopping. In fact, that bottle of mineral water on your desk is the 21 st century must-have accessory that shows you know how important it is to be healthy. For the rest, you can count on Kingsland Health Centre.

Be honest, though. Drinking the recommended two litres a day is a chore. Yet you feel guilty when the bottle remains untouched. Why? Because we’ve had the message drummed into us that water is nature’s ultimate health and beauty aid – the best way to prevent dry skin, aid weight loss and keep our bodies in good health.

A recent survey in the UK showed that young women drink twice as much water as anyone else. But although water has health benefits, how much should one really drink to hydrated?

It is generally thought caffeinated drinks make us go to the toilet too much, so people lose more water than we’re actually1,7 litres of fluid for the rest of the day. The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recently set the dietary intake for water. Professor Lawrence Appel, who headed the panel of scientists for this report, says, People don’t stipulate how many glasses of water people should drink because the hydration needs can be met through a variety of sources, including juice, milk, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

How to boost your intake of water

Men need about a litre more fluid a day than women, as they have greater muscle mass and can lose more through sweat. Check your urine colour during the day to see whether you are getting enough fluid. Light-yellow urine means you are well hydrated, whereas a darker colour means you probably need to drink more. Or simply multiply your weight in kilos by 35ml and you will see how much fluid you need to drink.

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