Introduction To Workout Partner App

Big arms are popular among many. Even for those who do not train to get bigger arms, a few extra centimeters do not matter – if you now have to be completely honest. However, after some time the results begin to slow down, and in the end many find that their arms are no longer growing.

Once you have reached where your arms are no longer bigger, it may be time to make changes to your workout and incorporate advanced techniques into your arm training. Many already know supersets, and use the technique diligently when they train. For those who do not know, a superset goes on to do two exercises across each other. Specifically, this is done by performing a set in an exercise, after which you perform a set in another exercise before pausing.

Most often, supersets are used between exercises that train opposite muscle groups, for example, supersets between back and chest in the form of rows and bench press as shown by the Workout Partner App.

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