Is The GS3 Coffee Machine Hype Or Worth It

In the sea of espresso machines on the market today, the gs3 coffee machine still holds top position. Though some coffee connoisseurs once dismissed its reviews as hype, it does not take an expert to see why it is one of most sought after — and revered — designs in the world.

The GS3 design stuns from first glance, a combination of stainless steel sophistication with modest wood panels. The coffee machine is bold enough to stand out as a kitchen piece while providing comfortable utility.

Its mechanical design matches its looks, the dual boiler delivering high quality coffee, tea and everything in between in seconds.

It is not every day that comfort is paired with quality sophistication. The gs3 impresses with an internal build that is as efficient, convenient and comfortable as its exterior, completing a design that is both a pleasure to use and to look at.