Level 4 Ballistic Shield: Gunproofing Yourself

What level of protection are you willing to settle for? If you want your level of protection to be the best, then a level 4 ballistic shield is what you need. Level 4 shields can stop rounds from armor-piercing rounds and sniper rifles. This shield level is not only adequate, but it also looks good!
1) What are the benefits of this shield?

  • level of protection against armor-piercing
  • Looks good
    2) What are the drawbacks?
  • Price is high compared to other levels
  • Some weight to it
    Level four shields provide by far the best level of protection that you can get for yourself. These shields can stop rounds from armor-piercing and rifles.
    However, the price tag is significantly higher than for lower levels. They also tend to be a bit heavier than some other options available. But if money is no object and you want the best possible level of protection, then a level four ballistic shield is your only choice.
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