More Than A Rug

There is a lot to be said for a visually appealing floor. We put so much effort into choosing floorboards and carpets but once all of the long term measures have been taken it’s time to think about the fine details. How to bring a room up, incorporating your own personality and style and adding a new surface element, add a rug! As trivial as it may seem, a rug can do a lot for a room and for your home. There are so many different kinds too. Aside from textures, which play an important role in the nature of your space, you also should consider rug designs. A well designed rug could incorporate patterns, colours, textures, unique designs and even culture. It can change how the light fills your room, say if you add a dark rug or a bright one to an otherwise bright or dark room. It can make an open space more comfortable or hide a less appealing floor. It can express how you see the room, matching the other furnishings or being totally different, with a design that is quirky and sets things apart. It is an important factor for so many reasons and is worth having fun with.