Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Ensure an adequate intake of dietary protein (around 15 % of calories consumed). 2. After exercise, drink a protein-carbohydrate mixture (rather than either nutrient alone) to accelerate recovery. Ideally, consume a drink made up of about 1 g per kg of carbohydrate and 0,5 g per kg of protein within 30 minutes of exercise, then eat a high-carbohydrate meal within two hours.

Consume a light pre-exercise carb-protein snack (50 g of carbs and 5-10 g of protein) to optimize energy supply during exercise. Delay fatigue and reduce muscle damage during very long events by ingesting a solution ideally containing both carbohydrates and proteins (or amino acids). 5. Consume quick-digesting proteins such as whey protein, as in Natural Weight Loss Supplements immediately after training. At other meals consume a mix of proteins to promote a more sustained release of amino acids into the body.