Newscastle United Mugs: The Mug Snob’s Cup Of Joe

Whether you are an afternoon tea lover who has their Earl Grey with a side of Whitman books or a latte enthusiast that drinks in every moment of wake up time the alarm clock gives you, all the best moments of the day happen with a mug in your hand. Face it… you are a mug snob. It just comes with the territory and anyone who drinks out of your favorite will be held accountable and punished with soggy cereal. Newcastle United Mugs understands because they feel the exact same way. In fact, they loved personalized, unique mugs so much that they made it their life’s work. So the next time you wake up to mocha lattes or fall asleep to chamomile, savor the feeling of the perfect mug inside your hands and then, get your mug on with Newscastle… the mug moguls that get coffee connoisseurs like you.

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