Nurchums Hatch Egg Teaches Compassion

A Nurchums Hatch Egg is a bright and colorful toy for kids to nurture and watch grow and hatch. The egg expands and morphs into various animals such as birds, rabbits, penguins, mermaids, dinosaurs, unicorns and various characters. These eggs are very popular with children and are also educational. Children will learn patience and responsibility as they bond with their new toy pet. These eggs can also help children ignite and expand their imagination as they become engaged in watching growing process. These toys are fun and thrilling for children and are easy to grow. Place the toy in fresh water and watch it grow and hatch over the course of a few days. It will continue to grow for up to fourteen days. When removed from water, they shrink back to their original size. These magical eggs would make an ideal gift for children aged six to twelve.