Occupational Therapist In Kalgoorlie: An Overview

Occupational Therapist Kalgoorlie: An Occupational Therapist in Kalgoorlie can provide a wide range of services to sufferers and those who care for them. They are qualified health professionals that work with people of all ages, from children to adults.

Occupational therapists are highly skilled health professionals who work with people of all ages to help them live more independently. Occupational therapists in Kalgoorlie provide support and education to people throughout their lives, from children with disabilities or developmental delays to seniors experiencing the effects of aging. They help people overcome obstacles that may make it difficult for them to complete everyday tasks like dressing themselves, bathing, using tools around the house (i.e., cooking utensils), driving a vehicle safely.

Occupational therapists often treat individuals who have sustained an injury, illness, or disability and aim to minimize the impact on their daily living activities. They also may diagnose and treat conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer survivors undergoing rehabilitation following surgery or chemotherapy treatments, post-polio syndrome sufferers recovering from muscle weakness due to polio infection in childhood, stroke victims suffering paralysis of one side of their body.