Outlook For Project Managment

Freelancers and small businesses don’t need a dedicated project management software in most cases. They can used Microsoft Outlook instead by optimizing its built-in features. If there are any gaps, then these can be filled with add-ins.

Some of the basic features that should prove to be useful are time tracking, status updates, customizable task fields, assignable to-dos, export function, helpful reminders, categorization, and prioritization. These are all easy to set up and use on a daily basis.

Once the task list has been completed and modified accordingly, users can turn to other features to make more sense of the project and find relevant information right away. Every entry can be sorted by column including subject, status, total work hours, percentage of completion, and so on. Tasks can be filtered by time, status, or keyword. Status reports can be sent and task details can be viewed in a snap.

Using Outlook Project Managment features is truly a breeze.