Oxidative Stress And Symptoms

As the human body ages, it starts becoming less efficient than it has always been. For instance, it may not be able to produce enough anti-oxidants to counteract the free radicals that are often produced as by-products of respiration. As a result, you may experience oxidative stress. You know you have this problem when you start experiencing frequent headaches that cannot be explained and feel fatigued all the time. Other oxidative stress and symptoms include; joint and muscle pain, grey hair and wrinkles, decreased eye sight, memory loss or brain fog, and increased susceptibility to infections.

If you have experienced these signs and symptoms, you probably have oxidative stress. To help your body deal with these symptoms, you should consider daily stress remedies, such as walking in the park, meditating, exercising and talking with friends. You should also eat fruits and vegetables that are known to promote the production of anti-oxidants.

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