PADI Divemaster Training Overview

PADI Divemaster training is a method of training that gives the students a thorough knowledge of all the diving subjects. The course includes diving procedures, technical skills and techniques, legal matters, medical matters, and survival matters. The certification of this course depends on the school that you join. The training takes place in shallow waters and involves physical activities that give the divers an opportunity to practice and improve their skills.

When going through PADI Divemaster training, you will be taught how to locate a safe spot to dive. You will also learn about locating items within the water. This will help the diver to locate the items and retrieve them if needed. Diving equipment that is used in this type, of course, will be evaluated in-depth. You will undergo several dives in which you will be supervised by the instructor. Once you have become an expert in diving, you will be allowed to take the advanced course.