PCB Assembly Quote Receiving Process

Now you can receive PCB assembly quote immediately within 24 hours. Just make sure you submit your PCB design file in the required format. Visit the PCB maker’s web portal and submit the design Gerber file as well as the required information like the type and number of PCBs you need. You can choose fast shipping service by paying a little more. Quick turnaround may be necessary during the prototyping phase when you need your PCB quickly so the product development team does not have to wait longer. At other times, you can wait a little longer and the standard shipping speed is not a problem.

You will have to submit Bill of Materials file. This file specifies all specifications related to the components that will be installed on the board. You also have to submit Paste Mask file which is used to cut stencil which is then used during the application of the solder paste on the board. Submit the job for review with these details. If there is any issue, a representative from the PCB assembly company will call you for clarification. Once everything is finalized, the company will give you a quote.