Planifolia Vanilla Beans: Need-to-Know Information

Planifolia vanilla beans are a type of vanilla bean. They grow in Madagascar and Indonesia and can be identified by their planiform shape. These beans have a stronger flavor than other types of vanilla beans because they contain more vanillin content.

  • They taste better when cooked into custard or ice cream
  • The planiform shape is easy to spot when comparing it with other types of Vanilla Beans
  • They’re used for making perfume and flavoring tobacco planifolia vanilla beans are considered one of the best types of vanilla beans.
    Planifolia Vanilla Beans are one of the most popular types of vanilla beans. This type is often called “true” or “bourbon” vanilla. It has a planiform shape that is flatter than other varieties. They can be used as a flavoring for many different products, such as ice cream, puddings, sauces, and whipped creams.