Psychology Buderim In Queensland

If you are dealing only with intermittent, mild episodes of ‘the blues’ (feeling moody, tired, sad, anxious, restless or irritable, sleeping or eating erratically, or battling to concentrate), try arming yourself against them, at least as a first measure.

The blues threatens not only your happiness but also your relationships at home and at work, which can become collateral damage as you succumb to frustration and anger. Your best weapons against this are self-acceptance, positive thinking and conflict resolution. As Psychology Buderim in Queensland shows, for some folks with depression, the best prescription might not be Prozac but rather lessons in interpersonal problem solving.

You need to know yourself in order to accept yourself. Write down what you really value in life, list your five strongest points and write down three good things that happened to you today. It also helps if you surround yourself with people who respect and accept you for who you are, and give you support.