Relationships 101: 3 Ways To Get Over The Same Old Fight

Take a lie detector test.

If you and your partner have trouble trusting each other over old issues, consider an online lie detector. This can help you to put old worries to bed for good and avoid having to take a test in person. These new-age tools are quite accurate and are a great way to settle the score whether you are the one concerned or the one being accused.

Try online therapy.

There are plenty of apps out there for couples counseling with certified therapists. This can eliminate the stigma that some people associate with therapy and still give you the help you need. Many apps work through text only, eliminating face to face anxiety.

Go on vacation.

While your problems will still be waiting at home, you may both need a good long break from fighting. Vow to spend the week not rehashing old problems. No negative speak. If nothing else, this will recharge your batteries and help you to think clearly.