Safety Management Systems – The Various Types

A safety management system is essential to ensure worker and equipment safety. The various models of the system concentrate on workplace injuries’ root causes. Every model has its unique benefits for management and workers, with a few being more suited for industrial settings and some others for human resources.

Work-Centric System

Work-centric systems use tool improvements, mechanisms, and proper alterations of space issues to make sure the environment is completely safe.

Worker-Centric System

This management system concentrates on training workers to reduce accidents. The training is directed towards enhancing employee decision-making and job performance.

Autocratic System

Autocratic management models are synonymous with despotic communication. In other words, the management and higher-level executives chart out safety strategies sans consulting mid- and lower-level employees who are likely to be primarily affected by the fresh policies. The immediate supervisors and managers are generally bestowed with safety management powers.