School Safety Needs Is Met With A Risk Based Matrix

A risk based matrix has been formulated to represent the various factors that may affect a school’s safety, its students, parents, and staff. This helps teachers and other school administrators evaluate the safety of a school. The matrix is formulated based on a consideration of risk factors, rated on a scale ranging from zero to one. The risk factor rating for each factor then ranges from one to five, indicating the magnitude of the risk posed by the factor to the school.

For example, the risk-based matrix has the risk of injury to the head as one to five, with one being the least severe. If the risk is less than one, the instructor would have greater protection than the teacher with a higher severity rating for a similar situation. The same concept is applied to the types of hazards to a building or other physical structure. The most damaging of these risks would be vandalism or damage due to fire or any other cause. The severity levels will then range from one to five, indicating the severity of the damage if such an event occurs.