Scrubs For The Medical Professional

From head to toe nurses, doctors, medical students and veterinarians wear dickies scrubs to work everyday. Scrubs feature shirts, pants, and lab coats. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs. They are tough, dependable and withstand multiple washings without loosing their elasticity.

82409large_1Traditional scrubs used to be stiff and rigid. It was like wearing a piece of canvas to work. Today they are made from a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials that are heavy enough to withstand long rigorous days in the ER, but they still remain soft and pliable after several washings. They are shrink resistant, and the stretch fabrics conform to the body’s curves without binding.

Multiple clothing styles are offered including the traditional blue medical apparel as well as various solid colors or patterns. Scrubs also have muted colors and soft patterns to ease the tension of stressed patients. These seem to be a favorite among dental hygienists and pediatric nurses.

Scrubs have changed with the times. They are more comfortable, and offer more variety while still looking professional. Best of all, they are still affordable.