Services Provided By Plastic Mold Manufacturer China

Getting a plastic product to market is not easy. It requires use of a high quality mold that will withstand the rigors of thousands of injection molding impressions. It must deliver top quality product after every injection of molten plastic. The small molds can be made by local fabricators but large molds require services of a plastic mold manufacturer China company. There are many such companies from China that offer their mold making services to customers from all over the world. The mold makers are ready to make molds for applications in consumer, telecommunication, automotive, biomedical and other industries.

These companies have the capability to make molds for large size and heavy plastic items. Molds for products weighing from 0.05 gram to 10 kg and more can be made. The molds are machined using heavy duty tools and equipment. The mold manufacturers also offer secondary services like drilling, tapping, assembling, finishing, packaging and ultrasonic welding.