Sewer Repairs North Shore: Legal Consequences & Who Should Pay

Whenever you find yourself confronted with the kind of sewer repairs North Shore municipal authorities must deal with, consider yourself lucky. Though two sides of the same coin and a bit of a paradox -how can the stench and health implications of burst sewers be a blessing in disguise??- there are smart ways to approach it.

By-laws And Municipal Obligations

A burst sewer isn’t just a health problem, but a nuisance, as the smells and visuals can be nauseating depending on the extent of damage. Rather than suffer in silence, spur the municipality into action by reminding authorities of their obligations as set out by the by-laws applicable in your town. Using a remedy known as a mandamus, you can direct the municipal authorities to act in order to eliminate an unlawful state of affairs.

Or, you can make use of an interlocutory mandatory interdict which, though similar to a mandamus, can be applied for in the course of the aforementioned legal action to force them to repair the sewers in order to prevent further waste from making its way into public water sources, pending the outcome of proceedings.

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