SMUD Rebate Financial Incentive

SMUD facilitates rebates on energy consuming air cooling appliances, indoor air conditioners, ceiling fans, air-duct sealing system and energy consuming heat pumps.

Aside from the heavy cost associated with energy bills, the new electrical appliances are also expensive and impose a financial strain on a person. To lessen the cost, SMUD designed the Utility Rebate Offer for households opting for energy efficient solutions. The system offers to reduce the energy bills by switching to alternative and renewable energy resources.

SMUD rebate sets an annual energy efficiency standard, and those households that meet the criteria become eligible for rebates. The appliances that are recommended by SMUD to safe energy include energy efficient HVAC systems, fridge and electric stoves, different types of dishwashers, and washing machines. By following the SMUD standards, the household not only qualifies for financial assistance but using the specified appliances will greatly lower the yearly electric utility bill.