Splurge And Get Your Parents Their First Engraved Leather Wallet

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both just around the corner. It’s time to get prepared for those specialty gifts that parents love to get. Both sexes would enjoy an engraved leather wallet. Women would naturally like a wallet perfectly suited for women, like one with a check book, change purse and credit card areas. Men like those folding wallets with the large cash pocket.

Whatever profile of wallet you select, make sure it’s a quality leather and suits the character of the party its being gifted to. If your mom is super cool make sure her wallet is hot pink, red or some other preferable color that you know she would like. Do the same for your dad.

Take the wallet to a professional engraver or buy it from a reputable dealer who has professional staff that does the engraving. Make sure the engraving using the name your parent prefers: First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name.