Spoil Yourself With Custom Flat Hats

If you wear heels you must not be in a hurry. It is a euphemism that a woman is certainly not in a hurry, but walking quickly with high heels is a torture that brings your feet and back in a stressful situation. And then the walk with heels is pleasant when it is slow and laid, because wobbling awkwardly or running in heels is not elegant. Reserve high heels for the quieter days or in the evening.

To avoid unbalancing your torso too far, which happens when you wear high heels, check your posture from time to time and try to keep your weight slightly back, more on the heels than on the toes, in order to better balance the weight distribution. Once in a while, then, melt the hips by making circular movements of the pelvis.

Combine with a piece of surgical tape (you buy at the pharmacy) the third and fourth finger unloads the metatarsal making you last longer with the heels and Custom Flat Hats.