Structured Insulated Roof Panels

Structured insulated roof panels are now commonly used by roofers. You can easily find competent professionals to ensure proper installation. Many manufacturers offer this solution. It is true that this material is easy to handle because it can be adapted to many configurations: low or steep pitched roof, rounded roof, flat roofs or slatted roofs.

Steel panels. The positioning in the steel tray cover will determine the type of corrugation of the panel. The steel tanks providing a final cover (dry cover and sandwich panel) have their corrugations formed on the upper part of the plate; they are generally rounded but are also declined in rectangles or sometimes in the form of assembled tiles. Intermediate steel bins can face both upwards and downwards depending on the choice of installation and the type of waterproofing or cover used.

The panels are available in several dimensions, up to 8 metres in length and varying thicknesses (from a few millimeters up to several centimeters for the sandwich panels). Buyers can expect widths between 60 cm and 1.10 m (curved or straight). A steel tank roof weighs between 5 and 10 kg/m², which makes it possible to build a roof on a light frame.

Some of options offered by manufacturers are made of galvanized steel with or without composite material. This is intended to ensure that the cover will be waterproofed. It is used in most flat-roof constructions, which are then covered with gravel, plants, etc.

The cover is made of 100% steel or steel composite, it will be used for the final covering of a roof and requires no additional coating (tiles, slates, waterproofing). Before choosing a metal roof, you must also know the weak points:

Sensitivity to pollution and corrosion: Despite anti-corrosion treatments, the steel tank remains sensitive especially to pollution. In highly urbanized areas, industrial or seaside, it is necessary to use plates whose quality is adapted to the environment.

Absence of both acoustic and thermal insulation: The basic steel deck roof has no insulation. Optionally, an anti condensation felt but no insulation. This is why it is imperative to provide sufficient insulation if you think to cover your home in steel tray. Or you choose double skin panels or sandwich panels.

The metal tray is a sheet of thin steel sheet that ribbed or pleated, which can be used both in roofing, cladding and facades. Molded U-shaped, the panels (or plates) are designed to fit together to ensure the tightness of the roof. They are treated to be stainless.

The cover plate. Made of raw galvanized steel is used in double skin constructions.

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