Student Housing In Adelaide And Other Student-Friendly Resources

The only city in South Australia and the home to four universities, Adelaide is one of Australia’s most international and student-friendly cities. As such, students from all over Australia and the world leave their homes to study at The University of Adelaide and other prestigious educational institutions in Adelaide Australia. This makes student housing in Adelaide an important feature of Adelaide as students will need somewhere to live.

There is a host of housing options that students will be able to choose from. Some options are self-contained, while others are shared. The various options are available at different price points. Just about every student budget and lifestyle preference are accounted for.

Importantly, there is also The Adelaide University Union (AUU). The AUU provides students with much-needed resources and support for all aspects of student life in Adelaide. There is support for finding student housing options, as well as finding fun and meaningful social activities and events to participate in while studying in Adelaide.