Stunning Facts Concerning Kazak Rugs

These stunning were initially made in Caucus at around 1800s. There has been a continuation of weaving more rugs by the Hazara people since that time with new developments. The modern rugs have embraced a variety of color patterns.

Kazak rugs are shorter when compared to other oriental rugs because they are put through an antique washing process. During washing, these rugs are cut short as they are placed on the stone to enhance washing just like washing jeans. For this reason, these rugs have a thrilling and appealing antique finish.

The rugs come in color varieties such as red, blue, green, and cream with all of them having different geometric patterns. They have either bold and large geometrical motifs or smaller comprehensive geometrical motifs.

They are never linked to any specific tribe, rather geographical areas where they are interwoven. They were initially made by women using hand-knitting techniques, which produced top-class quality.