Teeth Whitening Costs today

Your smile is the best accessory which you can wear. Not everyone of us is blessed with a dazzling white smile. This may be due to neglect of oral hygiene and unhealthy habits during our teen years. You can still whiten your teeth using the methods given below.

Teeth whitening costs depends on the dentist and also on the amount of discoloration of your teeth. An in-office procedure at the dentist can cost between 450 to 600 dollars.

Laser treatment will cost around 1000 dollars but it is the most effective. You can opt for laser treatment if you have the budget. You can also buy teeth cleaning kits over the counter and use it at home.

If your teeth are discolored do not lose your confidence. There are various options for teeth whitening today. You can select the best option according to your needs and get a sparkling white smile.

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