THC Self Test Kit

A THC self-test kit is a convenient and easy way to ensure that your THC levels remain within the legal limits as required by your state. Read on to know why you should have a test kit at home if you regularly consume marijuana.

Why You Should Test at Home

Home testing is one of the most convenient ways to ensure that your THC levels are safe and within legal limits. It is cheaper than lab drug tests and takes a fraction of the time. Self-testing is ideal if your workplace conducts random checks at any given month.

How to Obtain Results from Your THC Self Test Kit

Urine kits can give you results in a matter of minutes. All it takes is to activate the test sample with the chemical activators that come with the kit.

You can also send your samples to a lab for confirmatory testing. THC self-testing kits are tested by professional labs so you are assured of reliable results. Follow the kit instructions, send your samples to the lab and wait for your results to arrive.

THC self test kits are affordable and easy to use. Choose FDA approved kits to ensure that you get reliable and accurate results.