The Allure Of Timber Venetians

Timber blinds are classic window treatments that offer you a variety of choices when furnishing your home on the Sunshine Coast. Western red cedar, basswood, country oak and phoenixwood are some of the timber blinds Sunshine Coast shops have available. The beauty and versatility offered by timber Venetians allow you to incorporate them with a variety of interior décor themes. Different finishings are used to give wooden blinds their warm and cosy feel. You can get them in standard or custom paint, stained, lacquered or oiled.

The insulating properties of wood provide a room with the privacy it needs. Additionally, the blinds are opaque, which minimises the chances of outsiders peeking into your house. Wooden blinds will block sunlight from entering a room, which improves the energy efficiency of your home because you won’t spend a lot of power to cool the house. The best quality timber blinds Sunshine Coast suppliers offer are made from sustainable materials, which reduces your carbon footprint.

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