The Best Batteries For Vaping

With the numerous battery brands in the market, finding the right battery for your vaping mod is paramount. That said, there are specific features you must check for when choosing the best batteries for vaping.

Firstly, high capacity batteries are preferable as they deliver power for long periods without the need to recharge. The choice again depends on the build of your mod. Higher capacity batteries often provide lower currents that may not be adequate for certain builds.

If you are using a low resistance mod, batteries with a high current rating are best to use. Since heating is directly proportional to current, high-current batteries are preferable in this case. However, batteries with higher current ratings must be recharged more often.

Finally, choose batteries that operate at a low temperature as overheating causes damage. To be on the safe side, consider brands that are established in battery manufacturing. Also beware of counterfeits and fake re-wraps.