The Best Dishes In Sydney

Australia, like every other country around the world has its own unique food. Locals love their food and wouldn’t trade it for the world. However they also enjoy Thai curries and Mediterranean food. But true Aussie dishes have won their hearts from a young and tender age. One very famous Australian treat is the Pavlova, which consists of a meringue, whipped cream and sliced fresh fruit placed on top. The lamington is another delicious sponge cake sipped win chocolate and coconut, that you will find in every bakery in Australia. The fried sausage drenched in sauce and wrapped in a single slice of bread has become a barbecue favorite for Australians. Other favorites such as vegemite is used for breakfast as a spread on sandwiches and toast and it is also used to flavor soups. Some of the best Dishes in Sydney are addictive.

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