The Life Of A Mobile Car Mechanic In Brisbane

From the early days of my childhood, I had always wanted to be a mechanic. Perhaps it was the tough guy mentality that my Dad’s mechanic use to display, or the dirty overalls and calm confidence, it’s pretty hard to tell now that I’m a regular mobile car mechanic in Brisbane.

Being mobile, my day doesn’t start at 5:30am with the sound of a shrieking alarm. Instead, I’m on call 24 hours a day, responding to emergencies wherever they occur around the city. Tough, right? Well, it gets more interesting than that.

It goes without saying that never trust a doctor whose plants are dead. As a mobile mechanic, I ensure that my vehicle is in good working order to enable me to run my business profitability. It’s bad for business to lose my integrity on a technicality that I should be a master of.