The Pre-Employment Screening Process: 3 Main Points

Many people do not realize the occupational health screening pre-employment process is a three-step process. Keep reading to know all the details about this process.

The first step is to identify occupational risks and hazards, including identifying potential occupational illnesses or injuries that can occur during work. This is important because it will help you create an effective occupational safety plan that protects employees and employers from occupational harm.

The second step in the occupational health screening pre-employment process involves collecting information about your company’s policies on workplace safety and what type of protection they offer for workers who may be at risk of injury or illness due to their occupation. Employers need to have a written policy in place to prepare if an employee becomes ill or injured while working for them.

The occupational health screening pre employment process is not complete without a post-offer occupational health screen. This type of occupational healthcare exam can help determine if the applicant has any medical conditions that may be hazardous to their safety or the safety of others in your workplace. The purpose of this occupational test is to ensure all employees are physically able to perform their job duties safely.

The occupational health screening pre-employment process is important in protecting both the employer and the employee. By ensuring all employees can perform their job duties safely, employers can minimize the risk of workplace injuries or illnesses.