The Presence Of Samsung Singapore

Samsung is an electronics giant with a presence around the world. While the company may only sell and service electronics in many countries, it also manufactures and assembles products in some countries. In Singapore, for instance, Samsung assembles some electronics. There are also many service centers across the country, so consumers can easily get help with their warranties and repairs. Samsung Singapore residents should know, is a globally renowned brand with an impressive track record of making competitively-priced products that are durable and stylish.

In addition to phones, the company also makes laptops and tablets as well as washing machines, microwaves, TVs, woofers, home theaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, radios and other types of electronic devices. Whatever your needs may be, you can easily find a Samsung product to match your needs. That said, the energy efficiency and quality of Samsung products have endeared the brand to consumers all over the world.